Kettering Health Mission Statement
"Improve the quality of life of the people in the communities we serve."

Dr. Jonnthan Blaza,

I have had the best care in a long time at this Primary Care in Englewood. There are caring people who have your best interest at heart. Simply love it there.

~ Georgia ~
Dr. Raja Nawazw,

Dr Nawaz it's one of the most kind Physicians I have encountered. I have coronary artery disease. Dr Nawaz spent a great deal of time with me making sure my needs were met. I found Dr Nawaz to be very honest, involved and concerned about my physical and emotional well being. Dr Nawaz explain to me and everyday terms regarding my condition and a plan of action that wood meet my needs. Doctor Nawaz is very personable and professional.

~ Gregory ~
Dr. Philip Stickney,
I drove all the way from Northwest Ohio to see Dr. Stickney because I trust him. He’s kind and caring. He took his time with me and made me feel like I was his only patient. He showed me sympathy and made sure all my needs were taken care of. He’s all round just a nice guy.
~ Vicki ~
Dr. Franklin Handel,

Just wanted to Thank you as you have been a Doctor that has cared for me and my family for very long time and a whole host of relatives. You have always been there and the least I can do is Thank you for your help and services.

~ Forester ~
Peter Lewis,

Dr. Lewis cared for my grandfather from the ER to the Ccu and eventually to the cardiac step down unit. He took a chance in the ER when the outlook was dim, he showed so much compassion to our family when making tough decisions, and he took the time to work with the insurance companies and advocate for him to get the rehabilitation care he needed. We are grateful to him for the care he provided and feel that if it wasnt for hit commitment and compassion, we may not have him with us today. Thank you Dr. Lewis! Sincerely, The Stevens Family

~ Courtney ~
Dr. Bhairavi K. Patel,
I'm writing to say THANK YOU to Dr. Patel's ultrasound technician at her Centerville location. I'm in the middle of my second pregnancy and I cannot say enough positive things about her. She has a way of making me feel at ease and does a fantastic job of explaining everything she is doing. She is so knowledgable and has the perfect bedside manner. There is so much more that goes into walking into that room and finding out the sex of the baby. Good or bad news she handles herself incredibly well and I'm forever thankful for her.
~ Elizabeth ~
Christopher Kleather, MD ,
Thank you so much for seeing my boys at The Xenia Urgent-care . I believe that the combination of your knowledge of current local viruses and book smarts gave the boys their diagnosis . Thank you again from two healthy again Little Bruce boys & a sleeping mother!
~ Shyann ~
Dr. Dunn,
Hey this was my first visit to a doctor in 25+ years and from my initial call to make appointment to the day of the appointment the ladies at the receptionist desk (Rachel and i cant recall the other name) was amazingly nice, beautiful, and gratefully helpful with information and easing my nervousness. Dr. Dunn was very smart and concerned with every aspect of my health and ways to help my ailments. Thank you to all the staff and the intern Lisa (I think) for being as kind and helpful to me as you was during my visit.
~ James ~
Dr. Daniel Lui,
Dr. Lui is such a caring doctor , very thorough , listens well to you, he makes you feel that he has time for you, very professional and respect you as his patient
~ Tess ~
Shital Pema, DPM,
From the very first visit with Dr Pema's office and staff, from the front desk to the Dr. himself, and all points in between, we have been treated like Royalty. Dr. Pema is the most straightforward, honest, and caring physician we have ever had the pleasure to meet. He made it a special point to make sure that we understood completely, in "layman's terms", what surgery would be performed, what the results would be, and what post-surgery limitations would look like. Prior to scheduling the actual surgery date, Dr. Pema made sure that certain tests were performed to assure that I (Vicki) was a good candidate for the procedure. On the date of the surgery, Dr. Pema came and talked with me (Pete) after he was finished in surgery, making sure that I thoroughly understood what was actually done, and what recovery would involve. Dr. Pema and his entire staff, with special thanks to Lori, Lisa, and Chastity, always went "above and beyond" to answer our questions, and to allow us to feel quite comfortable even asking those questions. They also were extremely helpful and thorough in taking care of any and all insurance and short-term disability paperwork. It is very refreshing to be treated by a Dr., and an entire staff, who always smile, and never made us feel like they were doing us any favor by providing their services. We only wish that Dr. Pema and his staff were able to provide all of our medical needs. With sincere thanks, appreciation, and praises, Pete and Vicki Mygatt
~ Pete & Vicki ~
Robin Fleet, CRNP,
I saw Robin for the first time this morning at the Centerville Oakcreek OB/GYN office. Her and her medical assistant were very pleasant and knowledgeable. They were prompt and answered all my questions. I'm looking forward to my follow up appointments with their office. Thank you!!
~ Lori ~
Dr. Bhairavi Patel,
We cannot thank Dr. Patel and all of the nurses at Kettering enough for their expert care. Our little miracle would not have been possible without their expertise and quick action. We truly appreciate all that they did for our growing family.
~ Stacey ~
Dr. Jeffrey B. Gleick,
First off, I would like to state that I am 24 years old and very soon to be 25, and for 4 years prior to my 24th birthday, I felt old. I was tired, couldn't drop a single pound, ached, and just felt terrible all the time. My hair was thinner, my skin dry and broken out and I more or less always felt down, drained, and empty. The doctor I was seeing before, more or less just blamed all those things on being overweight and having low iron. Well I tried to fix both, and for 2 long depressing years nothing I did made a difference. That doctor left the office and then I came in and met Dr. Gleick and explained all my troubles. I found out, that the reason I felt all these issues, and never felt rested even after a good range of 8 to 13 hours of sleep, was because of my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. A very serious condition if left untreated, besides the problems I listed above, this disease can kill fertility, causing infertility and a struggle for later. Eventually you can even shut down, you can get cancer, and at 24 who wants to live and worry about that? Dr. Gleick changed that, he changed my life and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. We work together, and my concerns are met with optimism instead of criticism because I always do my best and this man cared when no one else would. I have a future again, energy to do things, my body is functioning like it should be and I'm making progress. I cried that day because he listened and didn't make me feel like I was just crazy and fat. I will always be thankful to this man for taking me serious and actually listening to my concern, because if he hadn't, I'd still be in bad shape if not worse by now. Thank you a thousand times over Dr. Gleick. I know with a physician as attentive as you are, I'll reach my health goals one by one and this thyroid won't be my prison. God bless you and I hope you see how APPRECIATED you really are.
~ Sarah ~
Balster / nazir,
Thank you to the entire staff at Kettering Medical and behavioral for a superb job in taking good care of me.
~ Ronald ~
Gurpal Ahluwalia,
I went & visited Dr. Gurpal Ahluwalia on Wednesday 4/16 & my right knee was severely swollen - after spending 1 hour in his office - Dr. Gurpal & his assistance IdaMae - did all the necessary procedures till eliminate 100% of my pain. He was very understanding & sympathetic of my pain. Most important - he made me feel welcome & took care of me as "I" was his more important visit! I will continue to see Dr. Gurpal & only Dr. Gurpal! Thanks for your EXCELLENT care!
~ Victor ~
Dr. Krista Migliore,
I want to send you an e-mail regarding Dr. Krista Migliore. Overall, I am an active and healthy person but I have struggled with arthritis for many years. One result of this has been damage to both of my knees. I’ve had arthroscopic procedures done with the expectation that I would eventually need knee replacements. Well, that time came and I’ve had both knees replaced by Dr. Migliore. I’ve had my struggles but Dr. Migliore’s care has been first class. I have recommended her to others who may be in need of the premium care she provided to me. She is one of the best doctors who has ever treated me from both her personal interaction to her technical ability.
~ Bob ~
Dr. McCullough,
I just want to say how happy I am with Oak Creek OBGYN Centerville. I had a pretty major surgery and had lots of healing complications post surgery and everyone at the office was so kind and patient with my healing. From the receptionist, nurses to back office staff and schedulers. They made me feel at ease and checked on me when they should of been at home with their families. I am still recovering from surgery and they always are willing to get me in if need be. I can not explain how happy I am to have them helping me. Thank you so much for helping me through my recovery.
~ Rebekha ~
Cindy Renfrow,
I am so pleased and grateful to have found a Practitioner that is kind, interested, honest, and just a genuinely great person - Dr. Renfrow. I always feel heard, welcome and important. She is top notch, the best of the best!
~ Tasha ~
Dr. Gail Askew,
On 1-9-14 I left Dr. Askew's office and had about an inch of snow on my car! Clark (Doug) Wilson was scraping other cars. He came over and cleaned my car off! What a pleasant and welcome surprise.
~ Cathy ~
Dr. Alejandro Calvo,
My father was a regular patient at Kettering from September-March. He received Chemo treatments from a regimen established by Dr. Calvo. The nursing staff he had was outstanding. They were always upbeat, kind, and as helpful as humanly possible. My family and I are so thankful for their consistently outstanding quality of care, and attentiveness. Considering the reason for our visits with my father, it was amazing how upbeat we were able to stay. We owe so much of that to the staff he was fortunate enough to have taking care of him. Thank you, so very much, for the effort put forth in caring for my dad.
~ John ~
Dr. Sammy Hamway,
Dr. Hamway is a blessing! His nurses are and everyone around him adore him because he is nothing other than special! He cares, he laughs and he cures. this quote is for Dr. Hamway and his team as follows: To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in other, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. this is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
~ Lindsey ~
Dr. Sammy Hamway,
The news was so good that mom and me both walked out without paying my copay of $40.00. Friend forgive me. I have enclosed my check. You have wonderful Doctors, the best nurses. Everyone from the front door to the back door are beautiful. Love ya all Everett Lamb.
~ Everett ~
Dr. Ravi Patel,
I seldom ever sit down to give reviews...either good or bad. However, I just left Dr. Patel's office after my annual OB/GYN exam and have to say bravo to Dr. Patel for being an AWESOME doctor! She noticed something in my chart that pertains to my husband's health and not only took the time to walk into the exam room to say how sorry she was but to provide support and just general human compassion. I've had two other doctors not even notice nor mention the situation and I never thought a thing of it. Until Dr. Patel came in and made a point of discussing it. This is not the first time I've been beyond impressed with her as a doctor and a human. There are certain people in this world who belong being nurses and doctors and Dr. Patel absolutely couldn't be better suited for this role! I'm a nurse and watch many health care providers in action. Dr. Patel never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and her medical expertise. Kudos to Dr. Patel, once again!
~ Susan ~
Oak Creek OBGYN,
I love the Beavercreek office. I have always had a pleasant experience with all of the staff there! This is now my second pregnancy that I have chosen them to take care of us and have moved from Beavercreek to Centerville and still choose to make the drive out their because of their friendly staff and atmosphere! Thanks to you all! You are awesome!
~ Deserea ~
Dr. Krista Migliore,
I want to thank the Kettering Network for bringing Dr. Migliore to our area. She is the best doctor I have ever had. She cares and really spends time explaining what needs to be done to get me back on my feet. She is very concerned and takes the time to consult with her peers. I would and will recommend Dr. Migliore to anyone who needs orthopedic procedures. Thanks Dr. Migliore
~ Scott ~
Dr. Micheal Conaway ,
Out of all the doctors I have seen through out my life. Dr. Conaway and his staff is by far the best I have ever had. I am diffidently blessed. I have recommended him to my friends.
~ Stephanie ~
Eric Hick,
Hats off to Dr. Hick's and the surgery center girls. They were very comforting and worked like a well oiled machine. I thought I should say something nice. Just a note of appreciation.
~ Edwin ~
Dr. Lisa Kaiser,
After having my share of turn em and burn em minimal face time and interaction. I have been BLESSED to have Dr. Kasier treating me! If you want to have an active voice in your treatment then Lisa is the one. Our doctor-patient relationships is excellent. I'm not affairs of bringing up anything that is bothering me. Dr. Kaiser will spend the time needed to fully understand the situation and offer a fully informed decision for you to make. Dr. Lisa Kaiser IS the most wonderful Doctor and Person I have ever me in the medical field!
~ Paul ~
Dr. Sreevani Gollamudi,
I would like to thank Dr Sreevani Gollamudi for her excellent care of me . She is a very fine doctor. I just want to thank her for her excellent care.
~ Peggy ~
Dr. Duque,
I want to thank Dr. Duque for being such a caring Physician. I recommend her to everyone who ask if I know a good Physician. Through out the years she has always remembered my family and will ask about them. I highly recommend her to any one who needs a doctor who really cares.
~ Becky ~
Dr. O'Hare,
Dr. O'Hare is a great Dr. I will be sick and he will make me better. It is a great day when that happens!
~ Robert ~
Dr. Elrod,
Thank you so much for the care you provided my mom last week at Grandview. I appreciated the time you took to make sure she did not have surgery. I am grateful for the passionate care you provided her.
~ Karen ~
Dr. Duque,
I Just wanted to say thank you for being such a loving and caring doctor! My family adores you and I am so lucky to have such a great doctor, not only caring for me but for my family!! Thank you for ALL that you do!
~ Tracy ~
Dr. Sinha,
I appreciate the quality, conscientious care that my family receives from Dr. Sinha. Dr. Sinha and Molly are a perfect team.
~ Peggy ~
Dr. Van Jura,
Thank you for being supportive and encouraging me to put myself first.
~ Kim ~
Dr. Ames,
I want to thank you not only for the great care you have given me and my wife but also for your outstanding bedside manner.
~ Gary ~
Dr. Gunasekera,

Thanks for all that you do,it is a pleasure being your patient.

~ Becca ~
Dr. Crawford,
I wish more physicians could be like you. You have the best bed side manner and you take time with the patients. No matter how busy or behind you are, you always come into the room with the brightest smile on your face.
~ Lisa ~