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Women's Health - Progressive Women's Healthcare


Caroline Peterson, DO has been providing compassionate and personalized healthcare for women in the greater Dayton area since 1992. She is a highly skilled and experienced board certified physician, providing expert care for her patients at all stages of life. Dr. Caroline Peterson provides excellent clinical treatment and personalized care for every patient.


  • CancerIQ - Progressive Women’s Healthcare is proud to be the first healthcare provider in the Dayton area and one of only 10 practices in the country to partner with the health technology company CancerIQ to offer cutting-edge cancer prevention services. At your next appointment, make sure to complete your CancerIQ survey to take the first steps towards lowering your risk!
  • obstetrical care and deliveries
  • gynecologic services
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • permanent contraception
  • uterine ablation for heavy cycles
  • birth control counseling
  • breast care
  • hereditary cancer screening
  • hormone replacement therapy(HRT)
  • incontinence care without surgery
  • osteoporosis prevention and care
  • wellness counseling
  • infertility