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Mar 30 2020
Telemedicine Options for Patients

Kettering Physician Network remains dedicated to meeting your health care needs. Due to coronavirus, social distancing and hand-washing are key to the health and well-being for our entire community. To support social distancing, we are offering new visit options to serve our patients.

Any of our patients that do not require an in-person exam might qualify for these types of visits. This includes well visits and sick visits.

Type of Visit


How it Works

Telehealth Video Visits

Online Video

Real-time video and audio visits with a clinician

Virtual Check-in


Brief 5-10-minute phone call with the clinician



Email with the clinician through MyChart


These options allow us to offer care in a setting that promotes safety for you and your health care team. In-person office visits remain an option and may be necessary based on your health care needs. Please contact your clinician’s office by phone or MyChart to determine the best type of visit for you. Our team will then direct you to the most appropriate appointment type for your needs.

For those of you visiting the office in person, you will experience new check-in questions and visitor restrictions. These are temporary policies that continue to change as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. If you would like more information, please call in advance of your appointment, and our team will assist you.

Together we can make a difference in reducing the spread of coronavirus. Thank you for considering all these options and trusting your care to Kettering Physician Network.

Thank you,

George Lewis
Exec VP, Physician Enterprise for Kettering Health Network and
President, Kettering Physician Network