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Jan 23 2018
Advanced Heart Screen:

An enhanced and complete evaluation and health plan!

This easy two visit program will accurately assess your risk for heart disease. Your initial evaluation visit includes a multi-test package: non-invasive heart calcium CT scan, 12 lead EKG, detailed lipid profile including breakdown of HDL and LDL particle type affecting artery walls, triglycerides, blood sugar average (Hgb A1c), vitamin D level, artery inflammation tests (hs CRP, MPO), body mass index, blood pressure, and heart risk scores).

Your results visit includes a one on one review and a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

On-line support tools help you to continue your healthy heart goals.

Complete evaluation cost: $399

Lab only option cost $246

Call (937) 395-8492 to schedule an appointment or request this heart screen.

Jan 23 2018
The Chemo Class (for people who have cancer) :

Tuesdays, 10-11:30AM Kettering Cancer Center – 1st floor classrooms

This free class is for anyone beginning cancer treatment and includes an overview of chemotherapy, biotherapy/immunotherapy, and targeted therapy, common side effects, and resources. Friends and family members are welcome.

Advanced registration is recommended so we can notify you of any changes or cancelations. Please call KETTERING CANCER CARE 855-500-CURE (2873).

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