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Nov 27 2015
LEARN Weight Loss Info Session: Learn how to make simple lifestyle changes that help you lose weight and keep it off. No surgery involved. LEARN is a weight loss program taught by a Registered Dietitian. The LEARN curriculum was developed by Dr. Kelly D. Brownell of Yale University. The key principles include caloric restriction, increased physical activity, and behavior modification. Register online for a free info session or call (937) 395-8472.

Dec 1 2015
Cancer Support Christmas Party: This is an annual carry-in dinner that is free to cancer patients and their families. It is held at the Kettering SDA Church, across the street from Kettering Medical Center. Please plan to arrive at 6PM. The dinner will begin no later than 6:30PM. No advanced registration is necessary, but each person or family is asked to bring 1 or 2 salads, casseroles, desserts or other food items to share. Call 1-855-500-CURE (2873) if you have questions.

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