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Erdeger Erhan MD
Erhan Erdeger MD
Hospital Medicine
Rowser Rhea MD
Rhea Rowser MD
Family Medicine
Gaskill Jonathan MD
Jonathan Gaskill MD
Family Medicine
Otterbacher Jennifer DO
Jennifer Otterbacher DO
Family Medicine
Wourms Timothy MD
Timothy Wourms MD
Primary Care
Aguirre Roxana MD
Roxana Aguirre MD
Hematology & Oncology
Frazer Mark MD
Mark Frazer MD
Family Medicine
Strait Kevin MD
Kevin Strait MD
Family Medicine
Johnson Wesley DO
Wesley Johnson DO
General Surgery
McCoy Stacy APRN-CNP
Stacy McCoy APRN-CNP
Family Medicine
Ott Kyle MD
Kyle Ott MD
Family Medicine
Gekonde Damynus MD
Damynus Gekonde MD
Hospital Medicine
Davis Richard MD
Richard Davis MD
Holloway Christopher MD
Christopher Holloway MD
Family Medicine
Koh Isaac MD
Isaac Koh MD
Internal Medicine
Tomlinson Steven MD
Steven Tomlinson MD
Family Medicine
McKay Andrea APRN-CNP
Andrea McKay APRN-CNP
Family Medicine
Nkhumane Mompoloki MD
Mompoloki Nkhumane MD
Hospital Medicine
Pearson Jamie APRN-CNP
Jamie Pearson APRN-CNP
Family Medicine
Pencil Kristie APRN-CNP
Kristie Pencil APRN-CNP
Vascular Surgery
Ugwummadu Chizoba MD
Chizoba Ugwummadu MD
Hospital Medicine
White Lisa APRN-CNP
Lisa White APRN-CNP
Family Medicine

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Kettering Physician Events 2017


Dr. Ravi Patel,
I seldom ever sit down to give reviews...either good or bad. However, I just left Dr. Patel's office after my annual OB/GYN exam and have to say bravo to Dr. Patel for being an AWESOME doctor! She noticed something in my chart that pertains to my husband's health and not only took the time to walk into the exam room to say how sorry she was but to provide support and just general human compassion. I've had two other doctors not even notice nor mention the situation and I never thought a thing of it. Until Dr. Patel came in and made a point of discussing it. This is not the first time I've been beyond impressed with her as a doctor and a human. There are certain people in this world who belong being nurses and doctors and Dr. Patel absolutely couldn't be better suited for this role! I'm a nurse and watch many health care providers in action. Dr. Patel never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and her medical expertise. Kudos to Dr. Patel, once again!
~ Susan ~
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